"As a company founder, I was challenged to identify the right development team for my project.

On the strong recommendation of a respected business connection, I spoke with Jack Bicer with Septium Corp and immediately recognized the key aspects of what I was seeking. Jack and the team at Septium absorbed my presentation, added creative input, and laid out a plan that we are following closely. They provided me with a transparent budget for time and money that we are on target to achieve. In addition, the team at Septium has become a valuable asset from the connection perspective, as they have an extensive network of high-caliber technology and marketing resources.

Besides coaching, creativity, development and integrity, Septium offers a price-point that is extremely attractive, due to their "Hybrid-outsourcing" model. Having a domestic CTO to watch over my project, while receiving the benefit of much lower foreign outsourcing costs for development, made the decision an easy one for me. I'd received bids for my project that were 3x the level that Septium came in at. I am now recognizing how fortunate I was to have found Septium, as I am over budget in a number of other areas that I didn't foresee (Legal, Consulting, MARKETING, etc.) and would be facing a lot more financial pressure if it weren't for Septium's extremely attractive pricing. Septium's development team in India has done a fantastic job of creating the high-quality website that I envisioned, and with my CTO's creative input, they've added a whole new level of functionality that I value tremendously.

I highly recommend Septium and will absolutely use them for my next venture!"

- R.H., CEO
An Internet Company

"Septium is very responsive. There is no drama. And they just get it done. What more can a client ask for?"

- H.M., Director
A Healthcare Company

"Septium has been what many may consider to be the 'ideal' partner; one in which strategy is confirmed through collaboration, requirements are challenged to ensure mutual understanding and most importantly, milestones are delivered with exceptional quality, on time and within budget. We could not be more pleased with the deliverables, price/point and professionalism, and look forward to working together on future engagements."

- B.S., Director
An Entertainment Company

"Septium continues to demonstrate their commitment to quality and customer service. When we chose Septium over their competitors it was because they blended onshore project management and project oversight with skilled offshore development resources. This allowed us to mitigate miscommunications and misunderstandings often experienced with offshore development efforts."

- D.G., CIO
A Healthcare Company

"A.M. accomplished more with Septium in the 24 hours we spent nailing down the specifics and developing a practical approach to platform design than we had in the last 2 years."

- J.B., CEO
An Internet Company

"After nearly three years of working on our project, it was clear that we still did not have anyone with the technical expertise needed to complete the app.  Fortunately, we were introduced to Jack from a trusted colleague and from the moment we sat down, I knew that we had hit jackpot.  Jack first listened to the entirety of our process and then asked very inquisitive questions to decipher if this was a project he could be an asset to.  Most companies or individuals would happily take on the business regardless of the "fit" but Jack is different.  He is genuinely concerned about all aspects of the project and how best, if at all, he and Septium will be able to provide a quality service.

We have received invaluable guidance and mentorship from Jack and most importantly, he has identified countless wrongs in our app which has led to a product which we can finally be proud of.

We highly recommend Jack and Septium for all of your technology needs."

- J. K., CEO
A Real Estate Company